Stephan Engl

I help companies re-invent their offering, manage their customer experience and improve their internal collaboration.


During my workday, I lead both project and product teams, run business development, incubate new ventures, recruit new talent and enjoy coaching, working or negotiating with top management.

My work takes place at the intersection of business strategy, digital innovation, product management, service design and organizational transformation. This breadth enables me to connect the dots across disciplines and industries.

I champion the discovery mindset of design thinking, lean startup’s experimental approach, and the transfer of agile principles into today’s management practice.

As humans, we collaborate in complex social systems. I love to synthesize insights for opportunities out of this complexity. A closed feedback loop is essential for any system to improve. That is why I started building feedback tools that help us grow as a person, team, or organization.

I often transfer principles from work to my private life to learn what (really) works and what does not. I like minimalist design and occasionally disconnect from the grid while hiking in the mountains. That is where I keep learning that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Where do we go from here?