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Confessions of an Interaction Designer

Post hoc labelling or annotating any kind of interaction design is the ultimate confession that you or your organization: over- or underestimated the target audience – or even worse, didn’t know about them at all. didn’t care about good interaction design: eg. prioritizing business considerations … Read More

Ratisbon Work-Arounds


A broken process flow worked…around.

Switzerland Berne Network Fail 1

Sometimes it’s just …

… bad luck. For example when you launch a massive marketing campaign, touting your network to be the best and at the very same day you have to face a massive network break down. Bad luck, indeed. Let’s keep calm and carry on.

Switzerland Bern Broken Tap

If it Needs Explanation …

… it’s broken. Period. Other familiar examples: Doors and doorknobs labeled with “push” or “pull”. The bottom line is that you should design with affordances in mind. No excuse!

Scotland Edinburgh Door Sign Fail

Door Sign Fail

readability fail

Packaging Nuances

The mysteries of package design. It is impossible to read the instructions on the back of the bottle, without constantly turning it around. Bad packaging design + information overload = unsatisfied customer.