Workshop: Process, People, Politics, Projects & Places

A workshop with the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association in Munich hosted by designaffairs. We discussed and collected challenges, solutions and best practices to embrace human-centered design and design thinking within organizations, departments and project teams. Interestingly, from an agency/consultant and also a corporate point of view, we touched on identical patterns.

Our best practices in a nutshell:

  • Visualize and communicate results and deliverables
  • Create tangible artifacts that everybody understands
  • Create a platform that supports your cause
  • Create places dedicated particularly for group/project work
  • Show references and get people trust in you and your process
  • Insist on kickoff meetings with all the relevant stakeholders (anybody who could kill your project)
  • Get early commitment from everybody on the project lobby for buy-in as high up in the company hierarchy as possible
  • Run small pilot projects to build mutual trust
  • Create meaning and have a shared vision for the team/department/company
  • Establish a common vocabulary and translate between different roles/departments

  • Ensure regular communication between all the stakeholders
  • Show cost/benefit and potential consequences
  • Create involvement with and empathy for real users
  • If you try something new, don’t ask for permission
  • Start small and use guerilla tactics