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Connections Connected

We increasingly live in a hyper-connected world where self-marketing trumps doing the job at hand. When who you know becomes more important than what you do, what are the personal, social and financial costs associated with opting out of the rat race? Leave the rat … Read More

China Brick Wall

Process, People, Politics, Projects & Places

Change happens. I recently had the chance to speak at Helsana about Process, People, Politics, Projects & Places. These are interesting times. The customer experience lingo is on the rise in a myriad of industries. Practice what you preach and keep shipping! Kudos to Daniel … Read More

Switzerland Zurich Lines

Crossing Lines II

In what context is it acceptable to cross a line? For whom? Which lines? Also: Crossing Lines I

Vale Confoederatio Helvetica

Vale Confoederatio Helvetica

Bye bye Switzerland. It’s time to challenge my comfort zone. Off to China. Three weeks on the road and (mostly) off the grid. Backpack & camera gear ready. Let’s go. As usually with a rough plan at hand and the willingness to throw everything over … Read More

Synthesis and Sensemaking

Synthesis. Sensemaking.

The picture above shows the most important slide I created in the last 10 months: a rough outline of my synthesis and sensemaking process. The act of transforming raw data from research into design strategies and design solutions still remains a mystery for most researchers, … Read More

Lausanne looking in the mirror

Mirror, Mirror

A short stopover back home. Looking in the mirror. What do I see?

Zurich Wayfinding Signaletik


An interesting presentation by Jimmy Schmid: wayfinding and signage. I always wondered who is responsible for this kind of stuff. Now I know. Actually, you can study that subject. It’s another one of those in-between disciplines. That feels somehow familiar to me. In the next … Read More

Mobile Identity


Today I used the MMS mobile ticket service of Switzerland’s railroad SBB. When you buy a ticket through the online booking system, SBB sends you an e-ticket as an MMS to your mobile phone. So far, so good. On the train the ticket collector has … Read More

Berne Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Change is good. Never stop connecting the dots. In-between is where the magic happens.

Berne Boarding

Boards and Backpacks

Spent some days off the grid with friends at the slopes of Saas-Fee. The joy of experiencing flow at its best, boarding down a rough and icy, yet stunningly beautiful glacier with a breathtaking view. Altitude is addicting. Now off to sweet home Germany with … Read More

Germany Regensburg


It has been raining since I got up today: 16 hours of continuous, cold rain. Obviously it’s monsoon season in Switzerland. In times like these you dwell in memories of midsummer afternoons, sitting on the Danubian riverbank, having a laugh with friends and your favorite … Read More

Argentina Buenos Aires Take the Leap

Take the Leap

Sometimes you just have to take the leap if you want to see the bigger picture.

Switzerland Berne Network Fail 1

Sometimes it’s just …

… bad luck. For example when you launch a massive marketing campaign, touting your network to be the best and at the very same day you have to face a massive network break down. Bad luck, indeed. Let’s keep calm and carry on.

Bern coffee and colleagues

Coffee & Colleagues

I’m about to spend a week hopping back and forth from meetings to workshops and site visits. Good vibe, tasty coffee, talented colleagues and the excitement of starting something new.

San Pedro de Atacama Desert

The Road Ahead

Goodbye Germany. From 15th of October on I will work as a „Human Centered Design Expert“ for Swisscom in Berne, Switzerland. Switzerland offers some interesting challenges for user/design-research with its multicultural and multilingual background. Furthermore it’s an exciting time to work for a telecommunication company, … Read More