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Kill the SLA

What if you removed all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from your contracts? Nuts, you may think. How is that supposed to work? Why should we not have any legally binding agreements on the services we offer? In the end, this is what our customers demand! … Read More


Connections Connected

We increasingly live in a hyper-connected world where self-marketing trumps doing the job at hand. When who you know becomes more important than what you do, what are the personal, social and financial costs associated with opting out of the rat race? Leave the rat … Read More

Meeting Points

Meeting Points

Meeting points are regular sights for the occasional traveler or host. They mark places of emotional reactions: the joy of meeting old friends and the sadness of seeing loved ones depart. Another form of meeting point is less formalized but equally important in our day-to-day … Read More

Vale Confoederatio Helvetica

Vale Confoederatio Helvetica

Bye bye Switzerland. It’s time to challenge my comfort zone. Off to China. Three weeks on the road and (mostly) off the grid. Backpack & camera gear ready. Let’s go. As usually with a rough plan at hand and the willingness to throw everything over … Read More

Mobile Identity


Today I used the MMS mobile ticket service of Switzerland’s railroad SBB. When you buy a ticket through the online booking system, SBB sends you an e-ticket as an MMS to your mobile phone. So far, so good. On the train the ticket collector has … Read More

Berne - Proof that you are you

Proof that You Are You

Thought for today: What does it take for you to prove that YOU are indeed YOU? To people? To companies? To machines? In what contexts?

Berne Broken Touch

Broken Touch – Slit Finger

Things can break. Often we continue to use them anyway, provided that their basic functionality still exists. Why do we keep using broken things? Maybe we don’t know how to repair them, the next repair shop is out of reach, we can’t afford to repair … Read More

Berne Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Change is good. Never stop connecting the dots. In-between is where the magic happens.

Switzerland Berne Tools of the Trade


Old school single purpose devices and their allure. It’s about quality, not about quantity. Where did we go wrong?

Berne Cultural Probe 2

Culture. Probed.

We recently experimented with cultural probes to document customer experience journeys. With a cultural probe you basically outsource the data collection process to the subjects you study. It’s a form of introspective research where you provide the means to conduct the research to the participants … Read More

Bern Swisscom Water


The degree to which certain goods can be labeled with certain brands. Brand? Fit?

Berne Wo Bisch

Sweet Spot

User statements as part of the exhibition „wo bisch?“ on telecommunication in the Museè de la Communication in Berne. Where is the sweet spot for communicating research data and/or insights? I’ve seen presentations and reports with 200+ pages being ignored and rejected by clients, because … Read More

Berne Babel Fish 1

Babel Fishes

In a multicultural country with four official languages you either buckle down to learn them, or you rely on interpreters. The latter is the case for most (official) events. A handy companion during these events is today’s version of Douglas Adams’ babel fish (a Sennheiser … Read More

Berne Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Great for flipcharts, but for god’s sake, please don’t use them on whiteboards. They are labeled ‘permanent’ for a reason.

Switzerland Berne Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking

The contribution a researcher can make to his/her company is limited by many criteria, like asking the right questions and setting up a research agenda that can answer these questions in a timely manner, to name but a few. However, often good research gets ignored … Read More