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Kill the SLA

What if you removed all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from your contracts? Nuts, you may think. How is that supposed to work? Why should we not have any legally binding agreements on the services we offer? In the end, this is what our customers demand! … Read More


Connections Connected

We increasingly live in a hyper-connected world where self-marketing trumps doing the job at hand. When who you know becomes more important than what you do, what are the personal, social and financial costs associated with opting out of the rat race? Leave the rat … Read More


Confessions of an Interaction Designer

Post hoc labelling or annotating any kind of interaction design is the ultimate confession that you or your organization: over- or underestimated the target audience – or even worse, didn’t know about them at all. didn’t care about good interaction design: eg. prioritizing business considerations … Read More

Geneva LIFT2012 Phone Stacking Game

Phone Stacking Galore

The Phone Stacking Game, also known as “Don’t Be a Dick During Meals” is a convenient and fun way to keep dinner social: Here’s how it works: At the beginning of the meal, everyone puts their phone face down at the center of the table. … Read More

Vevey Decapitated Hydrant


Chained and decapitated.

China Brick Wall

Process, People, Politics, Projects & Places

Change happens. I recently had the chance to speak at Helsana about Process, People, Politics, Projects & Places. These are interesting times. The customer experience lingo is on the rise in a myriad of industries. Practice what you preach and keep shipping! Kudos to Daniel … Read More

Switzerland Lucerne FabLab Anti Knoting

Anti Knotting

Roman solved the self-knotting-headphone-cable-problem. Yes, I am using it wrongly … a little counter-intuitive at first :)

Switzerland Lucerne FabLab 1

Dream it. Make it. Share it.

You sometimes go to (underground) hacker spaces and instead of in cubicles you work in hip co-working spaces? Well, guess what, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s making friends really, really fast. Enter FabLabs. FabLabs are all about making (physical) stuff. With … Read More

Switzerland Zurich Lines

Crossing Lines II

In what context is it acceptable to cross a line? For whom? Which lines? Also: Crossing Lines I

Meeting Points

Meeting Points

Meeting points are regular sights for the occasional traveler or host. They mark places of emotional reactions: the joy of meeting old friends and the sadness of seeing loved ones depart. Another form of meeting point is less formalized but equally important in our day-to-day … Read More

Vale Confoederatio Helvetica

Vale Confoederatio Helvetica

Bye bye Switzerland. It’s time to challenge my comfort zone. Off to China. Three weeks on the road and (mostly) off the grid. Backpack & camera gear ready. Let’s go. As usually with a rough plan at hand and the willingness to throw everything over … Read More

Es bediente sie Karina

Es bediente Sie Karina

A personalized receipt I received 2’362m above sea level in the Niesen Restaurant. What is the intention of personalized communication before, during or after transactions? What if we factor in the perceived importance of the transaction for the buyer/seller and the social context in which … Read More

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition

His name is “Blinky” and he’s from Pac-Man.

Lausanne bicycle stand

What motivates you to leave your (private) bicycle at a (public) bicycle stand? What motivates you to leave your (public) bicycle at a (private) bicycle stand? In what context?

Lausanne Smile in the mind


A smile in the mind and a recommended read.