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something personal at stake 2

Something Personal at Stake

When you get a vaccination you have to trust the company that produces the vaccine, the pharmacy that stores it and the doctor that injects it. Does this feel like “forced” trust to you? How would your attitude to this kind of medical service change, … Read More

coffee vs sugar

Coffee vs Sugar

Thinking about devices/services that can be used for multiple purposes. How important is it to label these devices to communicate their function in a specific usage scenario? What kinds of products or devices are labeled in your culture? When does labeling products (from a design … Read More

size and fit

Size, Fit? Form, Function?

Thinking about tablet shapes, amongst other things.

skateboards recycled

Skateboards. Recycled.

The extent to which objects can be re-used or re-cycled. The question why or when it is appropriate to do so. How does the way we bond with products influence our notion to re-use/re-cycle them? Can we design products that make re-usage and re-cycling desirable?

choosing a subject

How to choose a subject (for any kind of thesis)

After rushing through a Bachelor or Masters program, students usually are supposed to deliver a final scientific piece of work within an extremely limited time frame. Initially one of the biggest obstacles for most students is to choose a subject area and to find a problem … Read More