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Regensburg Greener

Greener III

The extent to which you are different from the others. Behavior. Needs. Purpose. The reason why we need more design research(ers). Market research identifies and acts upon optimal market and consumer leverage points to achieve success. Its definition of success is not absolute, though metrics … Read More

Ratisbon Work-Arounds


A broken process flow worked…around.

Regensburg Greener II

Greener II

A well ‘designed’ shopping experience appeals to all senses.

Regensburg Black Socks


Basic ‘needs’ as basis for business models (aka sockscription).

Regensburg Vandalism

Medium and Message I

I wonder how (digital) vandalism will manifest in an increasingly augmented world.

Germany Regensburg Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Germany Regensburg Paperwork 1

Painful Paperwork

This being Switzerland, the migration process is a very thorough act that has to be prepared before crossing borders. So for my relocation into this „non-EU country“ I had to do quite some paperwork beforehand to have a seamless transit later on at the customs. … Read More


Extra Emphasis

You really shouldn’t park here.

urban scars


The extent to which it is desireable to have scars as reminders.

snow aggregate state

Aggregate State Transitions

For interactive digital products animations/transitions are a core element forming the user experience. Nature got it’s own way of animating transitions, when the change of season is accompanied by elements slowly changing their aggregate state.

rallying points

Rallying Points

Always remember: If you panic, don’t panic.

readability fail

Packaging Nuances

The mysteries of package design. It is impossible to read the instructions on the back of the bottle, without constantly turning it around. Bad packaging design + information overload = unsatisfied customer.

Biking Patriots

Biking Patriots

playing with research data

Playing with Research Data

A timelapse video of yours truly using post-it notes to analyze a large set of mixed qualitative (interviews & observations) and quantitative (survey) data samples. A vertical analysis dives deep into the experience of a single participant, whereas a horizontal analysis uncovers overarching patterns across … Read More

out with the old in with the new

Out with the old. In with the new.

Sometimes you just feel like redecorating. In the case of this blog it’s more evolution than revolution. I hope you enjoy the new design. Feel free to drop me a line and follow @stengl on twitter.