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snow aggregate state

Aggregate State Transitions

For interactive digital products animations/transitions are a core element forming the user experience. Nature got it’s own way of animating transitions, when the change of season is accompanied by elements slowly changing their aggregate state.

rallying points

Rallying Points

Always remember: If you panic, don’t panic.

surface stories

Surface Stories

Can surfaces communicate meaning, tell stories or evoke feelings? How about personalized surfaces? How can surfaces influence the perception and interaction with an object/interface/area? I find the topic of surfaces and their affordances and effects increasingly interesting.

readability fail

Packaging Nuances

The mysteries of package design. It is impossible to read the instructions on the back of the bottle, without constantly turning it around. Bad packaging design + information overload = unsatisfied customer.

Biking Patriots

Biking Patriots



How does traceability influence our everyday behavior? While we see the benefits of GPS enabled location-based games, navigation, advertising, etc. we also think about dystopian future imperfect scenarios, don’t we? To what extent are we biased by our experience, culture and education? How will future … Read More

Man Basket

Man Basket

Dog basket? Man basket? Design Inspiration?

playing with research data

Playing with Research Data

A timelapse video of yours truly using post-it notes to analyze a large set of mixed qualitative (interviews & observations) and quantitative (survey) data samples. A vertical analysis dives deep into the experience of a single participant, whereas a horizontal analysis uncovers overarching patterns across … Read More

out with the old in with the new

Out with the old. In with the new.

Sometimes you just feel like redecorating. In the case of this blog it’s more evolution than revolution. I hope you enjoy the new design. Feel free to drop me a line and follow @stengl on twitter.

something personal at stake 2

Something Personal at Stake

When you get a vaccination you have to trust the company that produces the vaccine, the pharmacy that stores it and the doctor that injects it. Does this feel like “forced” trust to you? How would your attitude to this kind of medical service change, … Read More

coffee vs sugar

Coffee vs Sugar

Thinking about devices/services that can be used for multiple purposes. How important is it to label these devices to communicate their function in a specific usage scenario? What kinds of products or devices are labeled in your culture? When does labeling products (from a design … Read More

size and fit

Size, Fit? Form, Function?

Thinking about tablet shapes, amongst other things.

skateboards recycled

Skateboards. Recycled.

The extent to which objects can be re-used or re-cycled. The question why or when it is appropriate to do so. How does the way we bond with products influence our notion to re-use/re-cycle them? Can we design products that make re-usage and re-cycling desirable?

ease of use

Ease of Use

Which one of the ads above makes it easier to tear-off the number? The degree to which a service provider/requester can ease the process of getting in touch with a potential client? The threshold where pain points are frustrating enough for clients to refuse to … Read More


(ex)changing experiences

The inquisitive experience researcher always strives to challenge his own doing & thinking. Therefore learning how others look at and experience the world, as well as sharing these experiences is a crucial element of shaping the researchers mind towards an always on mentality. On 12th October … Read More