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Germany Munich Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising I

With “advertising” most of you will associate familiar means, mediums and contexts that have been around for some while. Stuff like magazines, TV commercials and billboards. Pay attention. The density of advertising increases. Our world out there is getting plastered with more and more ads … Read More

Munich - Earthly Pleasures

Earthly Pleasures

Reinheitsgebot and wheat at its best. Cultures and their stereotype beverage. See also: Argentina and Mate.

Munich IDEO IxDA meeting Post-its Patterns Preservation 3

Synthesis Synthesized

Despite silly season we had a great time during my workshop on design research synthesis at the IxDA Munich meeting. We worked in three mixed groups and we tried to visualize the synthesis process, including input/output, activities, methods and tools used, stakeholders involved, ways of … Read More

Munich cardboard box with legs

Quadruped Cardboard Box

Creativity and Rapid Prototyping at its best. It was interesting to observe how many people instantly tried to photograph these two young artists by using their mobile phones. Look at the cyclist on the right. Drive-by-shooting. Yes, I confess myself guilty, although in my case … Read More

Munich forcing function for a shower

Thermostatic Temperatures

Ever since reading Don Norman’s classic “the design of everyday things” forcing functions became one of my favorite topics. I always keep a sharp lookout for them. In the example above you can see the thermostat of a typical German shower. By default the maximum … Read More

IxDA Munich- Postits Patterns Preservation

Post-its, Patterns, Preservation

Tomorrow Monday (July 26th) I will be hosting a workshop on design research synthesis during the Interaction Design Association meeting at IDEO Munich. See the official announcement on IxDA Munich or Linkedin. Slides of the presentation will be available here after the workshop. Drop by … Read More

surface stories

Surface Stories

Can surfaces communicate meaning, tell stories or evoke feelings? How about personalized surfaces? How can surfaces influence the perception and interaction with an object/interface/area? I find the topic of surfaces and their affordances and effects increasingly interesting.



How does traceability influence our everyday behavior? While we see the benefits of GPS enabled location-based games, navigation, advertising, etc. we also think about dystopian future imperfect scenarios, don’t we? To what extent are we biased by our experience, culture and education? How will future … Read More

Man Basket

Man Basket

Dog basket? Man basket? Design Inspiration?

ease of use

Ease of Use

Which one of the ads above makes it easier to tear-off the number? The degree to which a service provider/requester can ease the process of getting in touch with a potential client? The threshold where pain points are frustrating enough for clients to refuse to … Read More


(ex)changing experiences

The inquisitive experience researcher always strives to challenge his own doing & thinking. Therefore learning how others look at and experience the world, as well as sharing these experiences is a crucial element of shaping the researchers mind towards an always on mentality. On 12th October … Read More