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Santiago de Chile Dominica

Touch Wood!

Settling down in a beautifully restored hostel (‘Dominica’) before gearing up for a day in the streets of Santiago de Chile. If you want to feel the heartbeat of a city leave the guidebook at home and try to get lost intentionally. Does it feel … Read More

Santiago de Chile Subway bip!

Sounds as Signifiers

I love this Santigo de Chile prepaid public transportation ticket. A minimum investment of Ch$490 ≈ US$1 ≈ 0,75€ gets you a 2-hour ride, which you easily will max out in the public transportation nightmare of Santiago. The naming of the card resonates with the … Read More

Chile Santiago Something Swiss

Familiar Sights at Unfamiliar Sites

Lessons on retail store product placement from downtown Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile shoe laces

Order and Chaos

How do the shoe laces on the left feel compared to the ones on the right? Which are better? Why?