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Santiago de Chile Dominica

Touch Wood!

Settling down in a beautifully restored hostel (‘Dominica’) before gearing up for a day in the streets of Santiago de Chile. If you want to feel the heartbeat of a city leave the guidebook at home and try to get lost intentionally. Does it feel … Read More

Chile Iquique Bundles

Bundling 101

Different bundles in different markets in different countries. What makes a bundle a good bundle? A successful bundle? From the business perspective? From the user’s perspective? It’s a fine line, indeed.

La Serena Compact Camera Posture

Compact Camera Posture II

Samsung took the time to decode the experience of taking a picture of yourself. Their answer? Dual LCDs.

San Pedro de Atacama Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Hearts can be broken. Minds can be changed. What is the digital equivalent of cutting a heart in a tree?

Chile Compact and Mobile Posture

Compact Camera Posture

Compact Camera Posture: Mostly one-handed.

Iquique Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

When we talk about Design (Thinking) let’s not forget that while sometimes we have to embrace constraints (as a creative catalyst), it’s equally important to know when to ignore them. Go for it, nature! Well done, evolution! To what extent does your company provide you … Read More

Santiago de Chile Subway bip!

Sounds as Signifiers

I love this Santigo de Chile prepaid public transportation ticket. A minimum investment of Ch$490 ≈ US$1 ≈ 0,75€ gets you a 2-hour ride, which you easily will max out in the public transportation nightmare of Santiago. The naming of the card resonates with the … Read More

Chile Santiago Something Swiss

Familiar Sights at Unfamiliar Sites

Lessons on retail store product placement from downtown Santiago de Chile.

Chile Iquique No Comments

No Comments

How do you write comments when you know you will stay anonymous? How would your writing change if a comment could be traced back to you? What if you do not know whether it’s anonymous or not? What are the consequences of writing a comment, … Read More

Iquique phone lock

Phone Locks. Literally.

Unlike software locking mechanisms, this hardware lock not only restricts the use of the phone to a specific country and network provider, it also dictates the location of use. As you guessed correctly, the precautions are intended to prevent theft of the devices. With the … Read More

Santiago de Chile shoe laces

Order and Chaos

How do the shoe laces on the left feel compared to the ones on the right? Which are better? Why?


On/Off Trees

This switch is attached to a tree in a heavily frequented plaza of a small hostel in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. There are no gadgets, no machinery or any other electric devices that could be triggered by that switch. The way it is taped … Read More


Finding Focus

I recently returned from a 2-month trip to South America. It was an intense time of roaming the southern hemisphere. Traveling lightweight both physically and mentally facilitates the awareness of freedom. To experience life at its best, it is beneficial to challenge your comfort zone. … Read More