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Kill the SLA

What if you removed all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from your contracts? Nuts, you may think. How is that supposed to work? Why should we not have any legally binding agreements on the services we offer? In the end, this is what our customers demand! … Read More



An off-season menu on Anafi. The menu follows the availability of ingredients. Availability in this case is a function of the ferry schedule, the island consumption rate and the tourist presence. Service design this. Local vegetable gardens and the trusty shotgun for hunting rabbits help … Read More


Confessions of an Interaction Designer

Post hoc labelling or annotating any kind of interaction design is the ultimate confession that you or your organization: over- or underestimated the target audience – or even worse, didn’t know about them at all. didn’t care about good interaction design: eg. prioritizing business considerations … Read More

Geneva LIFT2012 Phone Stacking Game

Phone Stacking Galore

The Phone Stacking Game, also known as “Don’t Be a Dick During Meals” is a convenient and fun way to keep dinner social: Here’s how it works: At the beginning of the meal, everyone puts their phone face down at the center of the table. … Read More

China Beijing Brands 2

Philips Backpack Meets Canon Jacket

What objects and surfaces are suitable for branding? How about your private/corporate brand? Which kind of interaction and experience can or should be branded? Now factor in time, context and advertising. Branded new world.

China Bejing Oasis


Power and wifi are the water of todays digital nomads.

Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster

Gargles Blasted

Spicy: The earthly version of a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster at the Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai. Thought of the day: for the researcher of human experience, when is time to up the ante? How can you feed extremly contextualized experience back into the design process? What … Read More

Shanghai Bus Ride

Bus Hopping

An average of 2 Yuan (0,15$ or 0,11€) buys you a bus ride in Shanghai. Remember to take a picture of the bus stop sign if you can’t read Chinese characters. You might get (unintentionally) lost and visual reminders are helpful companions in distress.

Es bediente sie Karina

Es bediente Sie Karina

A personalized receipt I received 2’362m above sea level in the Niesen Restaurant. What is the intention of personalized communication before, during or after transactions? What if we factor in the perceived importance of the transaction for the buyer/seller and the social context in which … Read More

Thun hungry and foolish

When you are younger…

… everything is easy. You play around as you discover the nuances of life. As you grow older you slowly start to lose it. Everything becomes overly serious. In the light of recent events I’m quoting someone who managed to balance seriousness of life/business and … Read More

Bologna Reframing


Back in the studio after more than 2’000 km on the road and off the grid. Time off to reconnect with friends and nature. A few short moments to reflect on where I am and where I want to go. Exciting times. The picture above … Read More

Berne Broken Touch

Broken Touch – Slit Finger

Things can break. Often we continue to use them anyway, provided that their basic functionality still exists. Why do we keep using broken things? Maybe we don’t know how to repair them, the next repair shop is out of reach, we can’t afford to repair … Read More

Regensburg Greener II

Greener II

A well ‘designed’ shopping experience appeals to all senses.

Regensburg Black Socks


Basic ‘needs’ as basis for business models (aka sockscription).

Cafayate Customer Feedback

Writing on someone’s wall. Literally.

Legendary. You get the best empanadas in Argentina in this place called ‘La Casa de las Empanadas’ in the lovely town Cafayate. What makes this place so special is not just the fact that they mastered the art of serving empanadas (in 9 different flavours); … Read More