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San Pedro de Atacama Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Hearts can be broken. Minds can be changed. What is the digital equivalent of cutting a heart in a tree?

Bern Swisscom Water


The degree to which certain goods can be labeled with certain brands. Brand? Fit?

Pumamarca DSLR posture

DSLR Posture

DSLR Posture: mostly two-handed.

Chile Compact and Mobile Posture

Compact Camera Posture

Compact Camera Posture: Mostly one-handed.

Venice unpropotional


The camera to tripod size ratio is an interesting one.

Buenos Aires Mate Hack

Mate Mania

The street is my favorite source of inspiration. In this case, I found a mate (=beverage) hack to attach yerba mate leaves, a thermos bottle with hot water and a freshly prepared gourd to some sort of vehicle used on a film set. In Argentina … Read More

Berne Babel Fish 1

Babel Fishes

In a multicultural country with four official languages you either buckle down to learn them, or you rely on interpreters. The latter is the case for most (official) events. A handy companion during these events is today’s version of Douglas Adams’ babel fish (a Sennheiser … Read More

Mendoza Medium and Message II

Medium and Message II

The medium ‘tree’ doesn’t scale that well, does it?

Switzerland Berne Two are better than One

Two Are Better Than One

An office puncher hack, that was adopted by the production company and became a feature.

Germany Regensburg Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Switzerland Berne No Smoking

No Smoking?

What kind of smoking? The granularity to which instructions/prohibitions have to be specified?

Scotland Edinburgh Door Sign Fail

Door Sign Fail

Bern Windows Phone 7

Looking Back

Working for a Telco comes with its own set of privileges. You get your hands on new hardware quite early. Toying around with a WP7 (smart?)phone some weeks ago made me realize how far we’ve come in terms of HCI and ubiquitous computing. Exciting times … Read More

Pumamarca All Caps


Things that do not scale: capital letters. A classic ALL CAPS example seen in Pumamarca. No matter if it’s analog or digital – ALL CAPS simply spoils the readability. Did you know that there’s an International Caps Lock Day?

Humahuaca Stackability


Things that stack: hats. Seen in Humahuaca. Other popular examples of stackability that you may be more familiar with include cups, dishes and pans.