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Italy Venice Out There

Out There.

Not in here. The street: office and source of inspiration for the rest of us. A convergence of people, places and (increasingly also) technology. On the road again for the next couple of days. Time off the grid. See you on the other side.

San Pedro de Atacama Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Hearts can be broken. Minds can be changed. What is the digital equivalent of cutting a heart in a tree?

Munich cardboard box with legs

Quadruped Cardboard Box

Creativity and Rapid Prototyping at its best. It was interesting to observe how many people instantly tried to photograph these two young artists by using their mobile phones. Look at the cyclist on the right. Drive-by-shooting. Yes, I confess myself guilty, although in my case … Read More

urban scars


The extent to which it is desireable to have scars as reminders.

surface stories

Surface Stories

Can surfaces communicate meaning, tell stories or evoke feelings? How about personalized surfaces? How can surfaces influence the perception and interaction with an object/interface/area? I find the topic of surfaces and their affordances and effects increasingly interesting.