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Vevey Decapitated Hydrant


Chained and decapitated.

China Suzhou Duct Tape 1

Duct Taped Scooter

Most things can be bandaged and fixed with a roll of good old duct tape.

China Beijing Welcome 2

The Welcome Frog

A typical Chinese “Welcome” door mat in the picture below and a branded interpretation by frog design in their Jing’An district Shanghai studio in the picture above. Zàijiàn China, until next time.

Switzerland Lucerne FabLab Anti Knoting

Anti Knotting

Roman solved the self-knotting-headphone-cable-problem. Yes, I am using it wrongly … a little counter-intuitive at first :)

Switzerland Lucerne FabLab 1

Dream it. Make it. Share it.

You sometimes go to (underground) hacker spaces and instead of in cubicles you work in hip co-working spaces? Well, guess what, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s making friends really, really fast. Enter FabLabs. FabLabs are all about making (physical) stuff. With … Read More

China Suzhou Color Palette 2

Color Palettes

Textures and color palettes in Suzhou, China.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition

His name is “Blinky” and he’s from Pac-Man.

Lausanne Smile in the mind


A smile in the mind and a recommended read.

Zurich Touched


The curious observer sees the pattern and asks: What does it tell me about the kind of applications this phone is running? What does it say about its user? What does all that mean for the development of mobile phones and/or apps? For further reference … Read More

Mobile Identity


Today I used the MMS mobile ticket service of Switzerland’s railroad SBB. When you buy a ticket through the online booking system, SBB sends you an e-ticket as an MMS to your mobile phone. So far, so good. On the train the ticket collector has … Read More

Switzerland Berne Tools of the Trade


Old school single purpose devices and their allure. It’s about quality, not about quantity. Where did we go wrong?

Italy Venice Out There

Out There.

Not in here. The street: office and source of inspiration for the rest of us. A convergence of people, places and (increasingly also) technology. On the road again for the next couple of days. Time off the grid. See you on the other side.

Chile Iquique Bundles

Bundling 101

Different bundles in different markets in different countries. What makes a bundle a good bundle? A successful bundle? From the business perspective? From the user’s perspective? It’s a fine line, indeed.

Ratisbon Work-Arounds


A broken process flow worked…around.

La Serena Compact Camera Posture

Compact Camera Posture II

Samsung took the time to decode the experience of taking a picture of yourself. Their answer? Dual LCDs.