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Regensburg Vandalism

Medium and Message I

I wonder how (digital) vandalism will manifest in an increasingly augmented world.

Chile Iquique No Comments

No Comments

How do you write comments when you know you will stay anonymous? How would your writing change if a comment could be traced back to you? What if you do not know whether it’s anonymous or not? What are the consequences of writing a comment, … Read More

Scotland Dundee Art Gallery 2

Pretty Colors

The first time that contemporary art left an impression on me, was when I saw this artistic installation of light and colors in the Mc Manus art gallery in Dundee, Scotland. The venue itself is quite an astonishingly well-crafted symbiosis of an old shell with … Read More

Germany Regensburg Paperwork 1

Painful Paperwork

This being Switzerland, the migration process is a very thorough act that has to be prepared before crossing borders. So for my relocation into this „non-EU country“ I had to do quite some paperwork beforehand to have a seamless transit later on at the customs. … Read More

Venice communist mask

Identity = Target

You have probably all heard by now that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, predicted in a Wall Street Journal interview that in the future we may be able to change our name once we have reach adulthood “in order to disown youthful hijinks stored on [our] … Read More

Munich cardboard box with legs

Quadruped Cardboard Box

Creativity and Rapid Prototyping at its best. It was interesting to observe how many people instantly tried to photograph these two young artists by using their mobile phones. Look at the cyclist on the right. Drive-by-shooting. Yes, I confess myself guilty, although in my case … Read More



How does traceability influence our everyday behavior? While we see the benefits of GPS enabled location-based games, navigation, advertising, etc. we also think about dystopian future imperfect scenarios, don’t we? To what extent are we biased by our experience, culture and education? How will future … Read More

something personal at stake 2

Something Personal at Stake

When you get a vaccination you have to trust the company that produces the vaccine, the pharmacy that stores it and the doctor that injects it. Does this feel like “forced” trust to you? How would your attitude to this kind of medical service change, … Read More