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Rear. View. Mirror.

What good is a rear-view… …when driving on the highway before pulling over to the fast lane? …when steering an organization into a transformation that fundamentally redefines its business? As an individual or as an organization: knowing where you come from helps you to figure … Read More

China Beijing Proportions


The picture The size of the bicycle in relationship to its parking space. The security chains in relationship to the likelihood of partial/total theft. The protection plastic wrapped around the saddle in relationship to the rusty rest of the bicycle. The reader The size of … Read More


Confessions of an Interaction Designer

Post hoc labelling or annotating any kind of interaction design is the ultimate confession that you or your organization: over- or underestimated the target audience – or even worse, didn’t know about them at all. didn’t care about good interaction design: eg. prioritizing business considerations … Read More

China Qufu Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Depending on where in the world you grew up and spent most of your lifetime, a first time visit to China will put your understanding of “big” into perspective. The multitude of building projects is jaw dropping – a housing bubble or merely an appropriate … Read More

China Hangzhou Fortune Teller

Fortune Tellers

How does a digital fortune teller compare with someone more flesh and bone offering the same service? What is the value proposition of a fortune teller? To what degree is the medium the message? How would your answers affect pricing, appropriateness of different contexts or … Read More

Meeting Points

Meeting Points

Meeting points are regular sights for the occasional traveler or host. They mark places of emotional reactions: the joy of meeting old friends and the sadness of seeing loved ones depart. Another form of meeting point is less formalized but equally important in our day-to-day … Read More

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition

His name is “Blinky” and he’s from Pac-Man.

Lausanne bicycle stand

What motivates you to leave your (private) bicycle at a (public) bicycle stand? What motivates you to leave your (public) bicycle at a (private) bicycle stand? In what context?

Regensburg Greener

Greener III

The extent to which you are different from the others. Behavior. Needs. Purpose. The reason why we need more design research(ers). Market research identifies and acts upon optimal market and consumer leverage points to achieve success. Its definition of success is not absolute, though metrics … Read More

Zurich Nerd Party

Nerd Party

The picture above shows an ad for a student party at ETH Zurich. I feel tempted to show up there just to see what kind of audience it *really* attracts. How to target your audience? Who is your audience? Why?

Berne - Proof that you are you

Proof that You Are You

Thought for today: What does it take for you to prove that YOU are indeed YOU? To people? To companies? To machines? In what contexts?

Munich - Earthly Pleasures

Earthly Pleasures

Reinheitsgebot and wheat at its best. Cultures and their stereotype beverage. See also: Argentina and Mate.

Santiago de Chile Dominica

Touch Wood!

Settling down in a beautifully restored hostel (‘Dominica’) before gearing up for a day in the streets of Santiago de Chile. If you want to feel the heartbeat of a city leave the guidebook at home and try to get lost intentionally. Does it feel … Read More

Buenos Aires Mate Hack

Mate Mania

The street is my favorite source of inspiration. In this case, I found a mate (=beverage) hack to attach yerba mate leaves, a thermos bottle with hot water and a freshly prepared gourd to some sort of vehicle used on a film set. In Argentina … Read More

Iquique Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

When we talk about Design (Thinking) let’s not forget that while sometimes we have to embrace constraints (as a creative catalyst), it’s equally important to know when to ignore them. Go for it, nature! Well done, evolution! To what extent does your company provide you … Read More