I currently work as managing parter at Creaholic where I help companies and clients to reinvent their products, services and organisations.

My job is about researching and designing future products, services and business strategies from a holistic customer experience point of view. Along the way I help to transform organizations by establishing a human-centered, design-led and experience-driven mindset: this is the toughest, yet also the most important part of the job.

During my research I study people’s practices, their culture and how they use various technologies or tools. I specialize in facilitating synthesis-, ideation- and experience-design workshops that provide insights, ideas and experience-prototypes to inform and inspire design, development and future business. I use inclusive methods and tools so that non-researchers and non-designers get involved in the process of creating and curating customer experiences: this is where the transformation happens and where I help organizations to establish an environment that supports such kind of work.

Eventually I help companies to innovate and to change.


In my opinion, innovation and change are about connecting things in an incremental (and sometimes radical) way, but ultimately it’s about bringing added value to people. Hence the ability to innovate and to change is the biggest tool within the human race for dealing with our problems. In order to be able to “connect things” it’s necessary to broaden one’s understanding of the human experience. Experimentation is crucial: with constant experimentation and exploration you just never know what you will find. I therefore try out a lot of stuff to figure out how it works and to learn from the experience.

Here on this blog I collect material that I come across during my work and/or private life. I openly share my thoughts and try to hone my storytelling skills. The content and opinions on this blog are solely my own and not my employer’s or clients and I won’t ever cover confidential stuff.

Every now and then I give presentations and publish papers. You can meet me at conferences about design, innovation and customer experience. If you feel like talking, collaborating or if you want me to give a presentation, just drop me a line.

In the end, the question isn’t whether things are going to change, it’s about how they will change and to what extent every single one of us is going to contribute. Take your chances.