Contextual Advertising I

Germany Munich Contextual Advertising

With “advertising” most of you will associate familiar means, mediums and contexts that have been around for some while. Stuff like magazines, TV commercials and billboards.

Pay attention. The density of advertising increases. Our world out there is getting plastered with more and more ads that you just. can’t. ignore.

Creative minds of marketeers unleash new campaigns that are increasingly closing in on the very last white spaces that exist in our public and private lives.

Gazing at the baggage pickup and scanning all the luggage passing by used to be a relief after twelve hours cramped in economy class. It helped to tune out the mass advertising on screens and wall installations at the Munich airport.

No more.

The picture above shows the newest weapon in the arsenal of airport advertising. Yet another revenue stream. Score!

Isn’t it a pity that we as Researchers, Service- and Experience Designers help to expose those opportunities for advertising by analyzing and observing customer journeys?

There are far worse examples and rest assured that more dark patterns are on their way.

Where is our code of conduct? Are we responsible for how our insights are applied?

We should be prepared.