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Switzerland Lucerne FabLab Anti Knoting

Anti Knotting

Roman solved the self-knotting-headphone-cable-problem. Yes, I am using it wrongly … a little counter-intuitive at first :)

Switzerland Lucerne FabLab 1

Dream it. Make it. Share it.

You sometimes go to (underground) hacker spaces and instead of in cubicles you work in hip co-working spaces? Well, guess what, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s making friends really, really fast. Enter FabLabs. FabLabs are all about making (physical) stuff. With … Read More

China Bejing Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the Trade II

Photojournalist setup: Fullframe + Wide Angle Zoom accompanied by APS-C + Tele Zoom. Also: Tools of the Trade I. Since you asked: no, those are not mine.

China Bejing Oasis


Power and wifi are the water of todays digital nomads.

China Suzhou Color Palette 2

Color Palettes

Textures and color palettes in Suzhou, China.

Germany Munich Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising I

With “advertising” most of you will associate familiar means, mediums and contexts that have been around for some while. Stuff like magazines, TV commercials and billboards. Pay attention. The density of advertising increases. Our world out there is getting plastered with more and more ads … Read More

Switzerland Zurich Lines

Crossing Lines II

In what context is it acceptable to cross a line? For whom? Which lines? Also: Crossing Lines I

China Qufu Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Depending on where in the world you grew up and spent most of your lifetime, a first time visit to China will put your understanding of “big” into perspective. The multitude of building projects is jaw dropping – a housing bubble or merely an appropriate … Read More

China Hangzhou Fortune Teller

Fortune Tellers

How does a digital fortune teller compare with someone more flesh and bone offering the same service? What is the value proposition of a fortune teller? To what degree is the medium the message? How would your answers affect pricing, appropriateness of different contexts or … Read More