Synthesis. Sensemaking.

Synthesis and Sensemaking

The picture above shows the most important slide I created in the last 10 months: a rough outline of my synthesis and sensemaking process.

The act of transforming raw data from research into design strategies and design solutions still remains a mystery for most researchers, designer, marketers, strategist and project managers. Too often, there is a fundamental gap between producing insights and making them actionable within projects.

Nevertheless, the community slowly starts to devote itself to synthesis (a process most often implicitly already practiced by more experienced researchers/designers). I recommend you take a closer look at John Kolko’s book, Steve Portigal’s workshop and my presentation.

Let’s carve out the core activities of synthesis, so that we can easily share, teach and use them in our daily business. I want to encourage you to mix and match methods and most of all, to share your learnings regarding synthesis and sensemaking activities during projects.

Let’s keep connecting the dots.