Monthly Archives: August 2011

Lausanne bicycle stand

What motivates you to leave your (private) bicycle at a (public) bicycle stand? What motivates you to leave your (public) bicycle at a (private) bicycle stand? In what context?

Lausanne Smile in the mind


A smile in the mind and a recommended read.

Lausanne looking in the mirror

Mirror, Mirror

A short stopover back home. Looking in the mirror. What do I see?

Thun hungry and foolish

When you are younger…

… everything is easy. You play around as you discover the nuances of life. As you grow older you slowly start to lose it. Everything becomes overly serious. In the light of recent events I’m quoting someone who managed to balance seriousness of life/business and … Read More

Regensburg Greener

Greener III

The extent to which you are different from the others. Behavior. Needs. Purpose. The reason why we need more design research(ers). Market research identifies and acts upon optimal market and consumer leverage points to achieve success. Its definition of success is not absolute, though metrics … Read More

Bologna Reframing


Back in the studio after more than 2’000 km on the road and off the grid. Time off to reconnect with friends and nature. A few short moments to reflect on where I am and where I want to go. Exciting times. The picture above … Read More