Broken Touch – Slit Finger

Berne Broken Touch

Things can break. Often we continue to use them anyway, provided that their basic functionality still exists.

Why do we keep using broken things? Maybe we don’t know how to repair them, the next repair shop is out of reach, we can’t afford to repair them or we simply don’t care.

So we tend to continue using those broken things. It’s moments like these that we learn about a discipline known as interaction design.

When the touch of a broken screen results in a slit fingertip, you suddenly get well aware of your usually unconscious interaction with the device at hand.

Which areas do you usually touch? How often? Why those areas? Why are buttons/functions located there? What about their relation to the overall (hardware) design of the product? Why was it designed this way and no different? What could be a workaround so that you don’t slit your fingertips?

It’s this stream of questions that helps the curious mind to take an evolutional leap forward.

Now what if one would apply this way of asking questions to all aspects of life?