Service Jammin’

Lucerne Global Service Jam 1

I spent a weekend in Lucerne participating at the first Global Service Jam.

It was an intense and fun experience and a great opportunity to meet fellow Design Thinkers in Switzerland. Highly recommended.

We started off by introducing each other visually:

The theme for this Jam was ‘(Super) Heroes’, so our Lucerne crew quickly entered ideation mode:

Later on we voted for our favourite topics and split up in groups accordingly to start prototyping our service ideas:

On Sunday we then presented our movies, prototypes, stories and presentation to the world via ustream:

It’s amazing how far a service design toolbox, creativity, fun and a great team can take you in just 48 hours. Using new and re-using old tools helps you to stay on the cutting edge method-wise. You can browse and download all service designs here.

Thanks to Andy, Daniel and Mario for getting this goin at HSLU in Lucerne. Cheers to my teammates Glenn and Marianna and to all the other jammers. You get to shape the future.