Monthly Archives: March 2011

San Pedro de Atacama Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Hearts can be broken. Minds can be changed. What is the digital equivalent of cutting a heart in a tree?

Bern Swisscom Water


The degree to which certain goods can be labeled with certain brands. Brand? Fit?

Pumamarca DSLR posture

DSLR Posture

DSLR Posture: mostly two-handed.

Chile Compact and Mobile Posture

Compact Camera Posture

Compact Camera Posture: Mostly one-handed.

Venice unpropotional


The camera to tripod size ratio is an interesting one.

Regensburg Greener II

Greener II

A well ‘designed’ shopping experience appeals to all senses.

Lucerne Global Service Jam 1

Service Jammin’

I spent a weekend in Lucerne participating at the first Global Service Jam. It was an intense and fun experience and a great opportunity to meet fellow Design Thinkers in Switzerland. Highly recommended. We started off by introducing each other visually: The theme for this … Read More