Monthly Archives: February 2011

Berne Wo Bisch

Sweet Spot

User statements as part of the exhibition „wo bisch?“ on telecommunication in the Museè de la Communication in Berne. Where is the sweet spot for communicating research data and/or insights? I’ve seen presentations and reports with 200+ pages being ignored and rejected by clients, because … Read More

Regensburg Black Socks


Basic ‘needs’ as basis for business models (aka sockscription).

Buenos Aires Mate Hack

Mate Mania

The street is my favorite source of inspiration. In this case, I found a mate (=beverage) hack to attach yerba mate leaves, a thermos bottle with hot water and a freshly prepared gourd to some sort of vehicle used on a film set. In Argentina … Read More

Berne Babel Fish 1

Babel Fishes

In a multicultural country with four official languages you either buckle down to learn them, or you rely on interpreters. The latter is the case for most (official) events. A handy companion during these events is today’s version of Douglas Adams’ babel fish (a Sennheiser … Read More

Berne Boarding

Boards and Backpacks

Spent some days off the grid with friends at the slopes of Saas-Fee. The joy of experiencing flow at its best, boarding down a rough and icy, yet stunningly beautiful glacier with a breathtaking view. Altitude is addicting. Now off to sweet home Germany with … Read More

Cafayate Customer Feedback

Writing on someone’s wall. Literally.

Legendary. You get the best empanadas in Argentina in this place called ‘La Casa de las Empanadas’ in the lovely town Cafayate. What makes this place so special is not just the fact that they mastered the art of serving empanadas (in 9 different flavours); … Read More

Iquique Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

When we talk about Design (Thinking) let’s not forget that while sometimes we have to embrace constraints (as a creative catalyst), it’s equally important to know when to ignore them. Go for it, nature! Well done, evolution! To what extent does your company provide you … Read More

Berne Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Great for flipcharts, but for god’s sake, please don’t use them on whiteboards. They are labeled ‘permanent’ for a reason.

Mendoza Medium and Message II

Medium and Message II

The medium ‘tree’ doesn’t scale that well, does it?