Germany Regensburg

It has been raining since I got up today: 16 hours of continuous, cold rain. Obviously it’s monsoon season in Switzerland.

In times like these you dwell in memories of midsummer afternoons, sitting on the Danubian riverbank, having a laugh with friends and your favorite blend of Bavarian beer catalyzing the conversations.

Thought for today: How will our way to store and recall memories change, when we start to seriously mess around with brain-computer-interfaces that tap directly into our memories? What will be your favorite operating system for these brain-computer-interfaces: an open- or closed-one? Why? What will be the major hardware players in this future? Will they control the operating system? If the operating system is you, are you willing to give up control? For interoperability? For reliability? For the great user experience? For the fact that this way “you” don’t get viruses?

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

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