Monthly Archives: December 2010

Switzerland Berne Two are better than One

Two Are Better Than One

An office puncher hack, that was adopted by the production company and became a feature.

Chile Santiago Something Swiss

Familiar Sights at Unfamiliar Sites

Lessons on retail store product placement from downtown Santiago de Chile.

Germany Regensburg Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Germany Regensburg


It has been raining since I got up today: 16 hours of continuous, cold rain. Obviously it’s monsoon season in Switzerland. In times like these you dwell in memories of midsummer afternoons, sitting on the Danubian riverbank, having a laugh with friends and your favorite … Read More

Chile Iquique No Comments

No Comments

How do you write comments when you know you will stay anonymous? How would your writing change if a comment could be traced back to you? What if you do not know whether it’s anonymous or not? What are the consequences of writing a comment, … Read More

Argentina Buenos Aires Take the Leap

Take the Leap

Sometimes you just have to take the leap if you want to see the bigger picture.

Switzerland Berne No Smoking

No Smoking?

What kind of smoking? The granularity to which instructions/prohibitions have to be specified?