Pretty Colors

Scotland Dundee Art Gallery 2

The first time that contemporary art left an impression on me, was when I saw this artistic installation of light and colors in the Mc Manus art gallery in Dundee, Scotland. The venue itself is quite an astonishingly well-crafted symbiosis of an old shell with a modern heart that beats to the zeitgeist of this beautiful city.

Thought for the day: To what extent is it desirable to preserve the old? What about digital files/documents/profiles/logs/etc.? While most physical stuff is bound to fall apart over the course of time, our digital mess is here to stay. What implication does that have on the way we design, create, manage and consume digital stuff? How much control do we want – do we need? Might our behavior change, if the digital footprint disappeared in the course of time in the same way an old apple decomposes in a backyard compost?

No regrets?