Painful Paperwork

Germany Regensburg Paperwork 1

This being Switzerland, the migration process is a very thorough act that has to be prepared before crossing borders. So for my relocation into this „non-EU country“ I had to do quite some paperwork beforehand to have a seamless transit later on at the customs.

One of those tasks was to make lists of all my worldly possessions.

Thought for the day: to what extent is it desirable that the ownership of an object can be traced back to you? Desirable for whom? Will this put an end to this kind of painful paperwork? How will the notion of “mine” change with the prevalence of RFID-tagged and/or cloud-connected and self-aware objects? Factor in the increasing popularity of “shared use” concepts (car sharing, bike sharing etc.) and the slow spread of self-replicating machines (3d-printer et al.) and you end up with a complex near-future scenario.

What a beautiful mess.