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Switzerland Bern Potassium Iodide

“You live close to an atomic plant …”

“… here is a package of Potassium Iodide. Welcome in town and have a nice day.” Having moved to a new city recently, I was confronted with this slightly awkward end of an otherwise friendly and casual conversation at the city administration. The place that … Read More

Scotland Dundee Art Gallery 2

Pretty Colors

The first time that contemporary art left an impression on me, was when I saw this artistic installation of light and colors in the Mc Manus art gallery in Dundee, Scotland. The venue itself is quite an astonishingly well-crafted symbiosis of an old shell with … Read More

Switzerland Berne Network Fail 1

Sometimes it’s just …

… bad luck. For example when you launch a massive marketing campaign, touting your network to be the best and at the very same day you have to face a massive network break down. Bad luck, indeed. Let’s keep calm and carry on.

Germany Regensburg Paperwork 1

Painful Paperwork

This being Switzerland, the migration process is a very thorough act that has to be prepared before crossing borders. So for my relocation into this „non-EU country“ I had to do quite some paperwork beforehand to have a seamless transit later on at the customs. … Read More

Switzerland Bern Broken Tap

If it Needs Explanation …

… it’s broken. Period. Other familiar examples: Doors and doorknobs labeled with “push” or “pull”. The bottom line is that you should design with affordances in mind. No excuse!

Scotland Edinburgh Door Sign Fail

Door Sign Fail