Monthly Archives: October 2010

Bern Windows Phone 7

Looking Back

Working for a Telco comes with its own set of privileges. You get your hands on new hardware quite early. Toying around with a WP7 (smart?)phone some weeks ago made me realize how far we’ve come in terms of HCI and ubiquitous computing. Exciting times … Read More

Bern Spoon 1

Spoon (S)

For every problem there’s a (designed) solution. Take a look around. For every object you see people spent time thinking, discussing and prototyping solutions. Appreciate it. Thanks Elisa for the loan of the finger.

Bern coffee and colleagues

Coffee & Colleagues

I’m about to spend a week hopping back and forth from meetings to workshops and site visits. Good vibe, tasty coffee, talented colleagues and the excitement of starting something new.

Pumamarca All Caps


Things that do not scale: capital letters. A classic ALL CAPS example seen in Pumamarca. No matter if it’s analog or digital – ALL CAPS simply spoils the readability. Did you know that there’s an International Caps Lock Day?

Humahuaca Stackability


Things that stack: hats. Seen in Humahuaca. Other popular examples of stackability that you may be more familiar with include cups, dishes and pans.

Berne priority mail

Net VS Neutrality

One of the underlying principles of the Internet is that companies providing Internet access should treat all sources of data equally (= net neutrality). A domain where this “equality principle” does not hold true is the postal service. The picture above shows a Swiss A-Priority … Read More

San Pedro de Atacama Desert

The Road Ahead

Goodbye Germany. From 15th of October on I will work as a „Human Centered Design Expert“ for Swisscom in Berne, Switzerland. Switzerland offers some interesting challenges for user/design-research with its multicultural and multilingual background. Furthermore it’s an exciting time to work for a telecommunication company, … Read More