Quadruped Cardboard Box

Munich cardboard box with legs

Creativity and Rapid Prototyping at its best.

It was interesting to observe how many people instantly tried to photograph these two young artists by using their mobile phones. Look at the cyclist on the right. Drive-by-shooting. Yes, I confess myself guilty, although in my case I used my trusty DSLR at hand.

In the youtube-decade the time-to-market (actually time-to-user) has decreased tremendously. The delay from artistic performance to internet-hero-for-five-minutes is only limited by the amount of time it takes to name, tag and upload the material.

Where are we going with our always-on culture? What is the next step? Online-streaming of video-recordings with mobile phones? Eventually we’re there already. Think some decades ahead: How about brain-implants directly hooking into our visual cortex? No need to handle/carry a phone.