Finding Focus


I recently returned from a 2-month trip to South America.

It was an intense time of roaming the southern hemisphere. Traveling lightweight both physically and mentally facilitates the awareness of freedom. To experience life at its best, it is beneficial to challenge your comfort zone. Losing focus or getting lost isn’t that bad when you do it on purpose, right?

Arriving back home after a longer time on the road gives you the opportunity to do a honest assessment of all your “stuff.” You were able to make it for quite some time without it, right? Time to focus. The book you haven’t read in 2 years, the gadget that hasn’t been picked up since the battery died … all the clothes you keep, but never wear. Do you still own the stuff, or does the stuff own you?

A brutal riddance. Change is good. Getting rid of things gives you the breathing room to acclimatize to your new, old home.

The longing for the next journey begins.