(ex)changing experiences


The inquisitive experience researcher always strives to challenge his own doing & thinking. Therefore learning how others look at and experience the world, as well as sharing these experiences is a crucial element of shaping the researchers mind towards an always on mentality.

On 12th October 2009 the local chapter of the IxDA Munich arranged its first informal get-together. Special thanks go to IDEO Munich for being such a nice host and heartily kudos to Design vs Art for their personal commitment to organize such an event. Fortunately a lot of people with diverse professional backgrounds showed up. In the future the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association will serve as a forum to share ideas, insights and best practices. I look forward to listening to Pecha Kucha style presentations on topics ranging from visual design to hardware sketching and design research.

From now on, a meeting will be held every 6 weeks. The local chapter is member-supported without any cost of membership. For more information and upcoming announcement visit the IxDA Munich page and join the linkedin group.